Raven Group

Raven Group is a specialised company on the World stage.

This is the official website of: Raven Group Overseas Ltd , Raven Invest Ltd. (Hong Kong), Nata Rcc Ltd. (Ghana) & Raven Group Overseas Ltd. (UK).
Raven is a dynamic with a global network and a broad international representation.

The Raven Group’s first company was established back in 1995

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The group’s primary objective is the promotion and acceleration of industrial development in advancing countries or countries in transition with the promotion of our specialist knowledge and hands on experience.

Thematic focus of Raven
We strive for our clients to be a primary driver for their economic growth assisting clients to achieve innovative profit centres that may have otherwise have been missed.

Trade capacity-building
The technical ability of developing trade to produce competitive exportable products that comply with international standards is key to our clients.

Raven Group provides trade-related development services, offering focused and neutral advice with technical cooperation and services in the areas of infrastructure & major equipment investment, industrial modernisation and upgrading, compliance with international trade standards and testing methods.

Energy and the Environment
Raven Group are owners of various patented technologies for enhancing our environment.  We have purposely developed a network of like-minded companies and together we can offer innovation new solutions in the fields of NOX & SOX removal, water desalination, purification of contaminated water and hydrocarbon separation techniques.

Our main Business activities.

•    Tailored Finance arrangements

•    Supply of Major Plant & Equipment

•    Introduction of CMMI / SPICE / ITIL / ISO 9001-2000

•    Consulting activities

•    Assistance of innovative products and projects

•    ISO 9001:2000 certification

Countries of active interest: Holland, Russia, France, Bulgaria, Turkey, Indonesia, Iraq, Senegal, Nigeria, Ghana, Angola, Sudan


Our specialisations are :
> Oil & Gas Technologies
> Oil & Gas Refining and trading
> Purification Technologies
> Major Equipment & Industry undertaking
> Project and Infrastructure Finance
> Project Development
> Business Reconstruction & Finance
> Quality verifications and certifications

The Raven Group has via its associated partners direct access to finance, global-management and senior advisers.

Operational & Technical bases and representation in:


Switzerland, Holland, France, Russia, Nigeria