At the core of Raven activities is commodity trade which enables us to provide innovative investment solutions with a view to supporting any client with whom we trade.

We pride ourselves in being able to develop sustainable investments with clients in the international arena to improve the daily lives of all of those involved. Below are some examples of project we have created.


Raven Iraq

Raven created a complex project for infrastructure investment in Iraq with a focus on community development for 9 regions.

Raven Iraq_Page_1Raven Iraq 4_Page_1


Community Transport

Raven is proud to be associated with VDL from Holland who produce a superior range of buses for all the markets around the globe.  Currently we are involved in providing customer finance for significant fleet purchases in Africa, a continent where VDL has no equals for quality & endurance in the most difficult of terrains.

VDL Buses for Buryatia, Russia

VDL Buses for Buryatia, Russia

Raven Beef Production – Kyrgyzstan

The project was to design & build to Irish standards a beef plant for 150 heads per day.

Beef CarcasesBeet Plant


Raven Low Cost Homes, Congo – Speedy construction to European Standards.

After the terrible explosion of 2012 in Congo, Brazzaville destroying thousands of houses, Raven provided a low cost, affordable solution using Spanish tried & tested technology to deliver 10,000 homes. Innovate competitive finance was incorporated into the package.

Low Cost House - Aerial View Low Cost House - Plan View