Raven Patented High Temperature Waste to Energy Reactor50mw_Schematic_BA

Landfills controversially collect today’s problems and zip them up in a big bag for our children & their children.  Raven invested in developing a clean solution for today to give a safe & secure benefit today!  Operating at temperatures of 1,300°C Raven can take waste  of many types including household waste and most industrial wastes so long as they have a calorific value, and convert them into electrical power without creating harmful emissions.


Advanced ‘Penza’ Explosion Welding Patented Technology

Used In Reactor Vessel Manufacture & Marine Applications. The end product is known as “Clad”.  This is a major component of any refinery or chemical plant.

3 Layer Weld - Double Sided

3 Layer Explosion Weld - Double Sided 3 Layer Explosion Weld